Flower Market Weekend


What a week it’s been. It’s been one of those weeks at work where ideally you would like chilled out week, not much on, but enough for the week not to drag. Instead, I’ve had the opposite which has been good busy but getting over this wisdom tooth drama has taken it’s toll and needless to say I was ready for a glass of wine on Friday night.

With having such a hectic week it has made me grateful for the spare time I have had and ever more thankful for the weekend and time out with friends. So this weekend I was determined to make the most and get up early on Saturday morning to meet my friend and visit the New Covent Garden Flower market. 

I’ve always wanted to go just for a leisurely browse and seeing as I’ve been learning about floral arrangements in my latest Wedding Diploma module, now I though was a good time.

It was a good experience and an insight to the less glamourous / business side of wedding floristry. The varieties and colours were a real feast for the eyes and it was definitely tempting to go over board and spend loads. However, the market traders themselves came across as stern old fashioned tradesmen unwilling to bear a smile or cheerful hello, which in my opinion costs nothing, even at that time in a morning.

Looking beyond the grumpy attitude, the flowers themselves were stunning, so many different varieties and colours to consider. Some I had never seen before, certainly not in Sainsburys or a petrol station.

One flower I discovered, which I think has to be one of my favourites, is the Rannuculus. They look so detailed, intricate and delicate and I feel each stem could tell a story. Maybe I was drawn to the colour, at that time on a dark, cold January morning, a colour that bright is bound to cheer you up.

After a wander, a cuppa and feeling happy with our bunch of roses each I headed home. I called for croissants from Carluccios on my way home and surprised the hubby with a coffee in bed. Neither he nor I could actually believe I was up that early on Saturday morning. Who knows, maybe I could become a morning person one day, then again, getting back into bed really was a dream.


Have a good week all – bring it on!


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