Flowers on a Friday

Flowers on a Friday. Two reasons why today is a good day. After having my wisdom tooth out yesterday, (I cannot lie, it hurt), my husband surprised me with a lovely bunch of flowers which instantly cheered me up. That’s what marriage is about, being there for each other and knowing when the other is in pain, even though I’m pretty sure I moaned enough for him to know.

Like most people, I love flowers! They are an amazing design from mother nature and it amazes me how versatile they can be in a design especially for a wedding. I am currently studying a module on floral displays and keen to get stuck in and find out more.

On Monday morning before I start work at 9am, my friend and I are visiting London’s Old Covent Garden Flower Market. Even though I’m not in the trade, I’ve always wanted to go and see the fresh flowers and just embrace the bustling, haggling atmosphere at 6am. I’ll let you know how it goes, I’m hoping to get plenty of inspiring pics too!

Happy Friday!Emily


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