Moments of Mock Up Madness

Happy Weekend

Over the next few weeks, I thought I would share with you a series of photographs showing the prop mock ups I did for my own wedding. When I was doing them in the garden or living room, my parents thought I was a little crazed, but in all honesty, it helped me communicate what was in my head and translate into something on the wedding day.

My advice to brides out there is do what you need to do and photograph it. By doing so you can review it another day and see what needs changing to make your initial design even better. Design is a journey, not always a destination.

1. Step Ladders Table Plan

IMG_7399These were the table plan and formed a focal point outside the entrance to the barn venue. These step ladders were my Grandad’s and I remember always seeing them in his outer-house when I was little. So they had that extra special sentiment. My dad sanded them back slightly but the paint flecks from over the years were still there to tell a story. These were then decorated in a natural, relaxed way with entwined ivy, trimmed jars, gyp, logs and various heights and lavender. A home-made timber crate was positioned adjacent to give more of a staggered height to the overall piece.

Printed table plan cards were pegged on with twine and hung in a rustic manor on the top few steps for guests to read easily. Cardboard ‘LOVE’ letters were decorated with twine and fabric lace to add more interest to the lower section.

Remember to keep things personal if you can, your wedding day is about you both as a couple and the day and details within it should reflect who you are.

Please keep an eye out for more mock up inspiration over the next few weeks as I find my feet in the world of wedding blogging.Emily



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