Napkin Setting Mock Up

Happy Sunday!

This second mock up post shows a simple napkin setting. With the floral arrangements and favours creating a focal point on the tables at the wedding, I wanted to keep the napkin settings simple. There are so many fancy design inspirations out there but as I say, I didn’t want them to detract away from the other table details.

As with most things, I did a mock up at home to communicate the design. The napkin fold formed a pocket to display the menu for each guest.

The photos below show a step by step folding guide for you to try yourself.

Step 1: Lay the napkin flat in front of you

Step 2: Fold the top down half way. Fold the bottom up a quarter of the way.

Step 3: Fold the bottom section up, hiding the edge of the top section.

Step 4: Flip over the napkin. Fold each end towards the centre.

Step 5: Fold the napkin in half to reveal a pocket for the menu.

The napkins were then bound with twine and a brown name label which were a repeated element within the stationary. A sprig of aromatic rosemary added an organic final touch.

The napkin settings were prepared the day before the wedding, boxed and ready for the venue to lay them out in line with the step ladder table plan (shown in my last mock up post).

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more napkin ideas soon.


Be a Flamingo…

Be a Flamingo…

Happy Friday!

Today I’m inspired by my new very random cocktail sticks and a story of my three year old niece. My sister told me today how she was adamant of going to nursery this morning with her socks pulled right up, being bold and rocking a new trend. This quote ‘be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons’ pretty much sums up that attitude.

Stand out, be bold, be unique, it’s Friday!


Flower Market Weekend


What a week it’s been. It’s been one of those weeks at work where ideally you would like chilled out week, not much on, but enough for the week not to drag. Instead, I’ve had the opposite which has been good busy but getting over this wisdom tooth drama has taken it’s toll and needless to say I was ready for a glass of wine on Friday night.

With having such a hectic week it has made me grateful for the spare time I have had and ever more thankful for the weekend and time out with friends. So this weekend I was determined to make the most and get up early on Saturday morning to meet my friend and visit the New Covent Garden Flower market. 

I’ve always wanted to go just for a leisurely browse and seeing as I’ve been learning about floral arrangements in my latest Wedding Diploma module, now I though was a good time.

It was a good experience and an insight to the less glamourous / business side of wedding floristry. The varieties and colours were a real feast for the eyes and it was definitely tempting to go over board and spend loads. However, the market traders themselves came across as stern old fashioned tradesmen unwilling to bear a smile or cheerful hello, which in my opinion costs nothing, even at that time in a morning.

Looking beyond the grumpy attitude, the flowers themselves were stunning, so many different varieties and colours to consider. Some I had never seen before, certainly not in Sainsburys or a petrol station.

One flower I discovered, which I think has to be one of my favourites, is the Rannuculus. They look so detailed, intricate and delicate and I feel each stem could tell a story. Maybe I was drawn to the colour, at that time on a dark, cold January morning, a colour that bright is bound to cheer you up.

After a wander, a cuppa and feeling happy with our bunch of roses each I headed home. I called for croissants from Carluccios on my way home and surprised the hubby with a coffee in bed. Neither he nor I could actually believe I was up that early on Saturday morning. Who knows, maybe I could become a morning person one day, then again, getting back into bed really was a dream.


Have a good week all – bring it on!


Flowers on a Friday

Flowers on a Friday. Two reasons why today is a good day. After having my wisdom tooth out yesterday, (I cannot lie, it hurt), my husband surprised me with a lovely bunch of flowers which instantly cheered me up. That’s what marriage is about, being there for each other and knowing when the other is in pain, even though I’m pretty sure I moaned enough for him to know.

Like most people, I love flowers! They are an amazing design from mother nature and it amazes me how versatile they can be in a design especially for a wedding. I am currently studying a module on floral displays and keen to get stuck in and find out more.

On Monday morning before I start work at 9am, my friend and I are visiting London’s Old Covent Garden Flower Market. Even though I’m not in the trade, I’ve always wanted to go and see the fresh flowers and just embrace the bustling, haggling atmosphere at 6am. I’ll let you know how it goes, I’m hoping to get plenty of inspiring pics too!

Happy Friday!Emily


Marsala – so last year but always loved

Marsala – so last year but always loved

Marsala may be the of 2015, but I still love it.

This mood board shows how Marsala can be used to create a wedding scheme. Teamed with soft peach and earthy tones, the Marsala sits prominent to create the focal point of the palette. Rather than overload the scheme with Marsala colour blocking I have focused on how it can be complimented and made prominent using its surroundings. Marsala is a deep, rich and elegant colour with a strong, warm comforting feel. Put together with the shades shown, it romanticises the colour and makes it appear pinker rather than red.

Elegant, Warm, Sensual, Romantic, Rich, Sophisticated, Earthy


1. Marsala Moodboard.jpg

Marsala Inspired Invitations:

The invitations immediately communicate the colour. This would be first point of impact to give to your guests, allowing them a glimpse of the wedding day. The invites are simple, sophisticated and elegant, again, setting the tone for the wedding day. The envelope and card is high quality and adds a tactile element as guests are presented with the invite. The gold inner lining envelope emphasises this quality and richness to the forthcoming event. The envelope is sealed and finished with an intricate, vintage brooch. This is something really unique and special as each piece is sourced from a local vintage market and adds a bit of sparkle. The black calligraphy font on the front of the invite gives a personal, whimsical yet modern feel. The richness of Marsala is introduced again in the floral graphic, already setting the tone of the details to come.


To really emphasise the deep Marsala colour, the rustic venue back drop of bare brick and timber will provide a contrasting platform for the colour to really sing. Burgundy peonies, Helbore and Burgundy Dahlias will be matched with dusty pink and peach roses and dreamy Astilbe to create opulent romantic floral arrangements for table centrepieces. These will be layered on top on cream, crochet table runners which will create a bohemian twist to the traditional wedding setting.

Soft Marsala toned chiffon fabric drapes from the floor to ceiling in sections to the bare brick back drop. This effect is repeated to frame the top table to create an interesting back drop during the reception.

Lighting and Effects:

The back drop of timber and brick will be illuminated with deep Marsala wall uplighters positioned to the perimeter walls. This will add a warm atmospheric glow to the room and pick up the detail in the material textures. Tinted candle holders will be nestled within the centrepieces to add an intimate glow at low level.

The white dance floor will be lit with different Marsala toned spot lights, layered to make an inviting and flattering atmosphere to encourage guests to dance the night away. The ceiling above the dance floor will be made a feature by using textured fabric drapes with a sprinkling of fairy lights to add a magical glow.

The bar will be framed with delicate filament pendants suspended from the ceiling. The warm glow from these will highlight the cocktails and the overall low level lighting will be cosy and intimate.


Guests are greeted into the evening reception with a loud roar from the pumping yet sensual live Jazz band. During tracks the band chats with the guests making them part of the show.  The music oozes charisma and guests soon get in the mood for drinking vintage cocktails and dancing to the lively off-beats.

Marsala inspired Food and Beverage:

Guests will be greeted by a smile and Bramble Gin cocktail. The Bramble will be served in a vintage crystal cocktail glass and decorated with Rosemary, fresh blackberries and a slice of lemon.

A formal dinner will be served. A starter of beetroot, feta and rocket salad will be presented delicately with a balsamic glaze. A hearty dish of roast beef and complimenting, seasonal vegetables is served elegantly, looking too good to eat. The tender beef is paired with a full body Malbec wine. Dessert is a velvety black forest chocolate ganache wrapped in a tampered chocolate cradle and garnished with cherry and mint.

The food on the table adds more rich colours and flavours to the setting and the meal is a feast for all the senses.

Image Credits

Invitations: Wedding Party, Lighting: Omg Events, Transport: LehaKok , Dessert: Happy Wedd, Feathers: Design Seeds, Place Setting: Accent on Events, Cocktail: Xaaza Style, Venue: Chic, Flowers: Xaaza Style, Bar: Green Wedding shoes, Table Decor: Little Lending Company 

2015 may be sooo last year, but Marsala was too inspiring not to share with you. Emily



Moments of Mock Up Madness

Happy Weekend

Over the next few weeks, I thought I would share with you a series of photographs showing the prop mock ups I did for my own wedding. When I was doing them in the garden or living room, my parents thought I was a little crazed, but in all honesty, it helped me communicate what was in my head and translate into something on the wedding day.

My advice to brides out there is do what you need to do and photograph it. By doing so you can review it another day and see what needs changing to make your initial design even better. Design is a journey, not always a destination.

1. Step Ladders Table Plan

IMG_7399These were the table plan and formed a focal point outside the entrance to the barn venue. These step ladders were my Grandad’s and I remember always seeing them in his outer-house when I was little. So they had that extra special sentiment. My dad sanded them back slightly but the paint flecks from over the years were still there to tell a story. These were then decorated in a natural, relaxed way with entwined ivy, trimmed jars, gyp, logs and various heights and lavender. A home-made timber crate was positioned adjacent to give more of a staggered height to the overall piece.

Printed table plan cards were pegged on with twine and hung in a rustic manor on the top few steps for guests to read easily. Cardboard ‘LOVE’ letters were decorated with twine and fabric lace to add more interest to the lower section.

Remember to keep things personal if you can, your wedding day is about you both as a couple and the day and details within it should reflect who you are.

Please keep an eye out for more mock up inspiration over the next few weeks as I find my feet in the world of wedding blogging.Emily